Terms and conditions cash for recommendations

Please Read and Understand These Terms and Conditions

  • 1. First Six Entrants only will be selected Season 2022
  • 2. The end date for submisions will be 21st December 2022
  • 3. The end time will be midnight London GMT 21st December 2022
  • 4. No late submissions will be Entertained
  • 5. Late entries will only be paid at Admins discretion
  • 6. Ticking Yes Box means Admins can contact you for other promotions
  • 7. Payment will be made to A bank account Building society Etc
  • 8. Bank account details collected after form submission
  • 9. You will not be asked to Disclose Bank Account Details
  • 10. Payment rate is £50.00 fifty pound sterling Per 50 succesfull recommendations
  • 11. As of End Closing Date on 21st December
  • 12. Any recommendations already in database will not be counted
  • 13. Any shortfall in the number of submissions payment is pro rata
  • 14. Where possible you will be asked to provide a minimum of 10 Ten Recomendations
  • 15. This is to make payouts easier and avoids lots of paying out of small sums
  • 16. If you are unsuccesfull and provide less Than 10 ten recommendations
  • 17. Payment May be witheld or paid only for 5 Five Recomendations = £5.00
  • 18. Payments For below 50 fIFTY Will be rounded up to the Nearest five
  • 19. 47 forty seven recomendations will pay out 45 forty five = £45.00
  • 20. Your Bank Account details will not be kept or stored on the server
  • 21. Your will recieve a phone call or an email to collect your bank details
  • 22. Payment can be by Bank Transfer or by PayPal
  • 23. Important checkbox below must be ticked also

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