Contacting Support and Guidance to assist with form input rejection

Things you can do to prevent the forms rejecting your input

Two simple things to try first if you can not login

Are you trying to use login form before registering an account, very easy to do, the website devleoper also did this many times whilst testing the site.

Are you tring to use the registration form when you should be using the login form, because you already have an account?, takes security and community behaviour very seriously.

Please also read our terms and policies

If you should find the forms or a particular form within the members logged in area, is rejecting certain input, then it means you have either made a mistake, or simply forgotten the neccassy details to login in.

But it might also be that you are attempting to insert illegal characters and or symbols into the form inputs. The error messages will try to guide you but will never fully explain exactly what it is that is disliked by the system. Forms will reject certain words to keep the community clean, When this happens try again without the word that in many cases will be obvious.

Also note that some forms within the members logged in registration area, will try and attempt to get you to write, concise but clear text to be placed in your title areas. The text lengths will be limited as clearly shown on the forms, The title text areas are limited to be contained within the confines of mobile phones.

Likewise images you upload will be limited primarily by width to fit and scroll nicely on a mobile phone. This does not mean they can not be uploaded as smaller pictures to a desktop. However sometimes the display on a desktop might appear to be wasteful of screen size when the images are formulated to scroll down the screen and not always cross the screen horizontally.

Please read the page about words held for contect review here 'link'

How to contact support and when to contact support

You can contact support via the links shown within the site and at the contact us links at the bottom of many pages.

you should contact support if you think you are logged out of the members area and there may appear to be no reason. Most likely you have forgotten one of the three details you need. Registration Name which is not the same as your real actual name or your username you use on the site, the username is likely to be the same or similiar to your business or service name. recommends you to adopt this approach with user names, i.e select a username based on your business name but add numbers if possible, Usernames will be firstletter capitalised by the system and you should always rember this when attempting to login.

You need to contact support if you have forgotten your Registered Name. This is the name that identifies you from people with the same name as you, the same date of birth, same area of residing or operating your business etc. Yes it does happen and can often happen. Registered Names can be similiar to your real name or username but never identical or too similiar.

You should contact support if you suspect your account may have been hacked or has become inaccessible to you. If you are already a registered user whether waiting for verication or not you will be told if an admin or the system has banned you.

You may contact support at any time but often problems can be resolved by simple methods see the help pages on this site

Please follow the guidance available at these pages

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  • link 2
  • link 3
  • link 4

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