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The minimum requirements to appear in christmas directory

This page sets out the absolute minimum requirements that will be accepted before a listing appears in the directory

Read carefully it will assist you in getting the most out of the site

When registering a minimum of three requirements will be accepted by the system before any listing appears in the directory

These are as listed below

  • Page Title: For Page URl
  • Page Description: For Page URL Description.
  • Main article text block: Minimum text for selling
  • Sub article text Block: Minimum text for a byeline
  • Postcode: For Business see note 3
  • An area or location: Where business operates

If online business: You can enter "online into postcode field"

The system will automatically take care of the rest for you. The form is flexible you can input a postcode and also state you are online

Additional requirements for appearing in directory

Are as follows also see note 4

  • Three images: must have a name and a description
  • All three images: to be named and described
  • User Name: Must be supplied
  • Can be businees name: This is not a problem
  • Brand Name: Must be Supplied
  • Can be your businees name: This is not a problem

unless all three images are named and described they will not appear in directory or on your personal page. Instead that space will remain folded and will not be visible, only when the minimum text for naming images and describing all three images has beeen submitted will that section of a personal page become visible

After Registeration is successful

Once registered succesfully all registered members will have access to a members area that allows them to increase the amout of main article text and byeline sub-article text. That is visible on the internet. However for a temporarilly perion that lasts until two more business are listed. Only a snippet of the Text will show on home index page.