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From Top Menu:
->Christmas Trees - Christmas Trees and Decorations cateory searches
->Food Drinks - Cusine Food and drink category searches
->Gifts - Gifts Presents souvenirs all categories search page
->Lights - Christmas lights events and where to buy search page
->Markets - Christmas Markets fairs festival search page
->Parties - Christmas Party Events Venues searc page
->Sales - The Christmas Sales searcing Page
->Travel - Christmas trave city getaway break over xmas page
->About - The all about the site page

From Footer:
->Support Page - Support Page help assistance
->Articles - Mini Text article to guide you in using the site
->How To - How to use the site effecitively and efficiently
->Best Practices - Best Practices using site logging in password selection
->Minimum Requirements - Minimum requirements becooming a member
->Adverts Policy - Ad placement policies
->Help Using The Site - Q and A help aricles
->Report a Problem - Reporting any problems about the site

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From here are a few of this sites other web places
External Links:
-> Page - Visit the page
->information Page - Visit more information page about advertising
->the wiki page - Visit the wiki page
->Default free page - Default free page that can be freely edited and branded
->Link to us - Where to find copy paste linking back code

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