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A little gold mine of all kinds of hidden treasures dug up from the past, once a firm favourite with the professional antique dealers to find good bargains from the local poor, now perhaps unless you get up with the birds, you are going to miss making a mint.

This local gem long since stopped being the place to find bargains to trade and swap, but still worth a visit for a mixture of genuine Antiques and Touristic souvenirs even Japanese style to grace any penthouse.

Traditional Secondhand goods MarketTraditional Secondhand goods Market - Old street pavement market and modern art japanese
Traditional Street Market

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Camden Passage - Pavement Market - Islington High Street
London - N1 8EA

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Located Islington High Street

Located Islington High Street

Traditional secondhand Market

Antique Gadgets For Men

Antique Gadgets For Men

Secondhand gadgets

London's Antiques Shop Street


Old antique shops

Browse Street Of Antique Shops

Browse Street Of Antique Shops

Wooden antique ornaments


Now a modern vintage and Japanese market evolved from a traditional bric a brac and secondhand street market

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