How to do certain things on website

How to Claim and control a listing

How to prevent input rejections via forms.

Remember all forms are strict case sensitive. You must remember which lettters you capitialised

How to Style a claimed listing.

When logged in navigate to clorpicker page. you will be presented with a color picker to select different colours for text backgrounds, paragraphs and titles

How to add own icon

Select upload icon from the members area dashboard. You can upload your own icon. Also you can name it and describe it with exentsive text. This will instantly and aotomaticall overwrite the current data and also update the parts that are included in search Engine optimisation

How to uplaod own images

The same as uploading an icon. and the same criteria applies.

How to change cateories

There are two ways to change categories.

  • Select add own category
  • Select insert own category
  • The first option gives you several new choices for main category only this category controls whther or not your listing apperars automatically onto any of the menu nav bar option page.

    The second option allows you to type in your own category that will become your main category: Note as above it might stop or increse your chances of staying on any of the main pages

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