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Frequently asked questions answered

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Everyting you might ask Is answered on this page. Have any questions use this page to browse the most common questions. Simple easy to use with more questions and answers being added to the comprhensive list on a regular basis. Should you require more help then read the Help Page Here Read Help Articles

Please Read The Most Likely Questions

How do I register on the site? What are the terms and conditions? Who is the site for? . The Most Common Questions You are likely to ask can be answered here. Find the question you want answered and click on Read More

If you can't find your question here then feel free to send a message Contact Admin

Table of Questions.

  • What is the site about
  • Who can use the site
  • How can I become a member
  • How do I register Login
  • My Business does not have a Website
  • I Run an Online Business
  • There is no phone listed on my Online store
  • How many categories can I list
  • What is minimum age for registration
  • What products or services can I list
  • What Products services are banned disallowed
  • How does the site verify check the members
  • How do I delete my account
  • Can I request my business is removed from the database
  • How can I correct a listing
  • What details do your store
  • What details does the directory make public
  • Can I link my business to its public page in the directory
  • Can I suggest a business if it is not my business
  • How do I add a rating to a business in the directory
  • Can my business use its own logos
  • Can I add text articles to my page
  • Can I sell items from the directory
  • Do you have a forum or members group or a member's discussion area
  • Is the site Free to Use
  • Do you have advertising on the site
  • What are Prime Features

Above are some of the most obvious most asked questions.

A small local business will not be outpriced by big coroprations. All lstings receive same equal treatment.

How does this work.

Simply by selecting as your main category the corresponding page category, the system will not only place your details onto the home page , but also onto the correct internal page for your advert to appear.

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