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Christmas Market Festival Fair Guide

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The christmas street market traders guide and directory

Everybody loves a christmas market or traditional outdoor christmas fair.

Are you a market trader that runs a regular stall or regular stalls at more than on market. Place your details into the database and have customers find you by area, either locally or from further afield

No need to supply a business address only the name of the market or markets you trade at and with a pitch or stall number. Have your own page on the webstite to display your goods.
General street market fruit and veg stall
Visit Camden Passage Market page Camden Passage Market located at
Operates in London - city area London Islington - outer area N1 - postcode - N1 8EA - located in/at (the) Street Market
A little gold mine of all kinds of hidden treasures dug up from the past, once a firm favourite with the professional antique dealers to find good bargains from the local poor, now perhaps unless you get up with the birds, you are going to miss making a mint.
This local gem long since stopped being the place to find bargains to trade and swap, but still worth a visit for a mixture of genuine Antiques and Touristic souvenirs even Japanese style to grace any penthouse.
Main Image Name
Short Byeline Text
Short Byeline Text Visit Walthamstow Market page Walthamstow Market located at
Operates in London East - city area London Walthamstow - outer area E17 - postcode - E17 7JK - located in/at (the) Shopping Centre
Walthamstow market historic and yet modern shopping one location
Walthamstow market page for latest news and updates
High Street Walthamstow
Modern Shopping Centre
Modern Shopping Centre Visit Maltby Street Market page Maltby Street Market located at
Operates in London Bermondsey - city area London Bermondsey - outer area SE1 - postcode - SE1 3PA - located in/at (the) Local Street Market
Maltby Street food market Londons premier street food location
Street food from around the world
Street Food Market Fruit Juice
Premier street food market
Premier street food market Visit Kingsland Waste Market page Kingsland Waste Market located at
Operates in London East - city area London Dalston - outer area E8 - postcode - E8 4AA - located in/at (the) Local Street Market
Kingsland waste market on ancient waste land meaning of no agricultural use or not being loyal to the king nor bringing income to the King/Crown is now back in full force, fully revitalised.
This popular street market on the Old Roman Road that lead to land owned by the King running parallel to Queensland road leading to land owned by the Queen, has bounced back to former glory after some investment in signs uniform green and white stalls etc from the Local Council.
Antique bric a brac market
General bric-a-brac antiques market
General bric-a-brac antiques market Visit Chatsworth Market page Chatsworth Market located at
Operates in London East - city area London Hackney - outer area E5 - postcode - E5 OLH - located in/at (the) Local Street Market
Another Hackney off the beaten track little gem of a market
Popular lively busy little street market
Lively artisan street market
Lively local Hackney street Market
Lively local Hackney street Market Visit Crafty fox market page Crafty fox market located at
Operates in ALL London Areas - city area London Boroughs - outer area Greater London - postcode - E8 999 - located in/at (the) UK online Booking
Christmas market planners with a different theme every year, check the website for details pertaining to each yeae
Designers bringing their products to market in time for christmas. If your tired of the run of the mill corporate stuff check out this companies website.
Online market places
Bespoke artisan Christmas markets London prime locations
Bespoke artisan Christmas markets London prime locations
Street market traders fruit and veg

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The time of year has come when many people are beginning to think about christmas activities a traditional favourite in the UK is the outdoor christmas market or fair. With the smell of mince pies and mulled wine lingering in the air.

Christmas celebration ideas the traditional market fair is a firm favourite

A few christmas market operators and organisers have stated they are uncertain about this years opening dates and the arrangements due to the current Covid19 crisis. Some have clearly said they will be operating at a reduced capacity and others as far as this website administrators can tell, are still undecided and have not yet made firm decisions,.

You are advised to check with the operators before deciding on any plans to visit. Or you can search in the christmas market category on this site

However christmas is christmas and people are people and this site predicts that possibly christmas will not be as subdued as the doom and gloom brigade are saying

Christmas festival breaks

Find the best markets in the most unlikely places in the UK.

Browse our directory guide. Whatever market or festival fair you are looking for. Find them here.

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