Best Practices on Using the site

Why some things are disallowed via form inputs

How to prevent input rejections via forms.

Many forms inside the members area will reject certain words, as well as certain symbols within words. The system will at all times try to assist you in presenting your text in a neat format, specificially formated to be in a downward vertical direction most suitable for mobile phone browsing

Many words that by nature are liable likely or certainly going to be a breach of the common standard internet community guidelines, will not be allowed in any form registered member or not.

There is an evergrowing list of words that are considered to be context relevant, where such words may on some occassions be considered innocent, Such words are words such as ERECT ERECTION

Words such as these will be marked by the system as needing a context review, where such words are detected by the system, they are only likely to be allowed to stay within the text registered members or vistors input via the approoriate forms or comments; when they are entirely context relevant, and in all honesty, are only likely to be approved for display on this site for companies that for example erect christmas trees for cities or borough councils

At all times vistors and registered members will be considered as adults and responsible, but the site and its operators will at all times do it's best to prevent inappropriate content displaying anywhere on the site.

Please help to keep the internet a safe and enjoyable place

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