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Rembember the login and registration is case sensitive, it is vital to remember precisely the order of the lower case and uppercase characters and the numbers. To register and to login the password and the registration name that you use once only. Must have four lower case characters four uppercase letters and four numerals (numbers), as a minimum requirement. This protects you and others and the site from. The most common machine crackers

The registration name you are asked to supply is not your username to login to the site, to log in after regstration you require, YOUR PASSWORD and Email only. You may later select a username that reflects your actual name. The system will not say sorry that name is taken, and ask or suggest you add numerals to the end, although you are free to do say if you want. Usernames are mandatory and are collected at the first login after a sucessful registration. It is recommended to use your business name because the system will display the name you enter, This name can be changed whenever you wish, to correct any mistakes or reflect any business name changes

A few commonly asked: Frequently asked questions

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Answer: Do not be concerned, parts of the members editor area are meant to operate like that. It usually happens when there is no activity or you attempted to navigate, in the wrong sequence. Just simply log back in and continue where you left off

The reasons for not being able to login.

Answer: The most common reasons are

If your email has been blocked by an Admin for whatever reason you will not be able to login with that email unless an admin removes you from the banned list. If you have been placed in the spammer jail by an admin once again the email and userame combinations will remain forever in/on the list of who to jail. Apart from this there is some semi artificial word blocking and other protection measures it is not the policy of the site admin/s to inform why you may not be able to login.

  • The session timed out try working a little faster
  • The system detected illegal form input it will not tell you what it is
  • You were trying to navigate to a part of the site outside the normal route
  • The system detected a banned word banned words are words that are likely to be offensive in some way
  • If trying to login or register the click rate was too slow try faster double clicking
  • If attempting to login with your password sometimes, some browsers behave differently to single and double clicks
  • When logging in especially for passwords try double clicking on either the left or right mouse button
  • Search the internet for articles about how different browsers behave to left right single and double clicking
  • A fast firm double click to log in or register very often works when you are apparently logged out
  • Try closing the web page and then try to log in again a liitle later By re navigating to the page again.
  • Close the browser and reopen it a little later.
  • Restart shut down or reboot the computer
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