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A few most commonly asked: Frequently asked questions

I get taken away to a different page in the editor section.

Answer: Do not be disconcerned, parts of the editor area are meant to operate like that. Just simply log back in and continue where you left off

Why am I directed to a different page when editing or browsing.

Answer: The most common reasons are

  • The session timed out try working a little faster
  • The system detected illegal form input it will not tell you what it is
  • You were trying to navigate to a part of the site outside the normal route
  • The system detected a banned word banned words are words that are likely to be offensive in some way
  • If trying to login or register the click rate was too slow try faster double clicking
  • If attempting to login with your password sometimes, some browsers behave differently to single and double clicks
  • When logging in especially for passwords try double clicking on either the left or right mouse button
  • Search the internet for articles about how different browsers behave to left right single and double clicking
  • A fast firm double click to log in or register very often works when you are apparently logged out

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